GeoSchelling Model (Points & Polygons)#


This is a geoversion of a simplified Schelling example.


The NUTS-2 regions are considered as a shared definition of neighborhood among all people agents, instead of a locally defined neighborhood such as Moore or von Neumann.


There are two types of GeoAgents: people and regions. Each person resides in a randomly assigned region, and checks the color ratio of its region against a pre-defined “happiness” threshold at every time step. If the ratio falls below a certain threshold (e.g., 40%), the agent is found to be “unhappy”, and randomly moves to another region. People are represented as points, with locations randomly chosen within their regions. The color of a region depends on the color of the majority population it contains (i.e., point in polygon calculations).

How to run#

To run the model interactively, run mesa runserver in this directory. e.g.

mesa runserver

Then open your browser to and press Start.